Environmental Management System of 14001 and Environmental Activities.

Works of establishment of Environmental management System of TS-EN-ISO 14001were performed with the purpose of prevention of pollution primarily within approach on the basis on the principle of voluntariness and of conformity with Turkish Environmental Legislations and Environmental Legislations of European Union and it is certified according to the standards of Environmental Managemenet System of TS-EN-ISO 14001. In addition, works to obtain Environmental Authorization and License were completed in January of 2013, so that our factory obtained Environmental Authorization and License comprising Emission of Air, Recycle of Safe Waste and Waste Incineration as well as Incineration. It became a factory which eliminates wastes instead of being polluting due to the License of Waste. Works intended to monitor and to minimize CO2 emissions, Water Management works intended to use underground waters efficiently, works intended to recover appearing on ground  in our factory again in the scope of works of Sustainable Growth are actually being pursued. Moreover, investment budgets concerning minimizing limits of  NOx and Dust emission related to applications of Industrial Emission Directive (IDE/IPPC).