Partnership with Academic Institutions

Internship Development Program

Internship Development Program attracts, recruits, develops and engages talented university and new graduates students for our future business.

Internship Development Program provides the opportunity to both contribute and influence to the ADO Mining development in a long perspective.
Alongside this, participant personal development is important to us.

This is an opportunity to challenge participants and grow both personally and professionally.

Length of the Program :

- Part time or fulltime winter internship
- Full time summer internship


The participants will become resruited to a certain position and department that will act as your home base. A manager will be dedicated to you and follow your progress from start. The main element of the Internship Development Program is job rotations.

These provide experience in several different areas, a broad understanding of Ado Mining and opportunities to build a valuable network of people. The program formed of two to three job rotations thus providing broader perspective to the participants.

The participants will follow individually personal development plan specific designed for them as a person and for the position that is been hold.